Colin & Elma's Oz Trip

Friday, April 20, 2007

Camping in the Grampians - March 2007

look whats woken colin up

colin, grampians national park, victoria

At an olive grove!

Grampians, Victoria

Grampiansational park,

tree with sap!

The friendly campsite wallaby

Craig & Elma at a wine tasting stop off

nice rock pattern, Grampians national park

Grampians national park

Grampians national park

Tyler, Elma, Colin, Byron, Craig, Andrea on Hike to Mt. Difficult
Grampians national park

Colin Elma & the wallaby

Wallaby again

Grampians national park

Colin & elma, Grampians

Did I mension it was pretty hot on this hike:-)

elma @ grampians

Andrea and elma, Grampians

Byron and Andrea, at the top of a waterfall (no water to be seen though)

" Bottle Brush" plant

Grampians national park

colin peaking over cliff top

Grampians national park

grampians national park

Setting off on hike

Craig hiking in the grampians

elma at a fair few kn above sea level

a galss of wine next to the vines

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New photos thanks to Bieke

The new photos are in the Photos March 2006, hotsprings, penquins section. Happy viewing.